NAS-National-Achievement-Survey-2nd phase-Schedule-Guidelines-ap

NAS-National-Achievement-Survey-2nd phase-Schedule-Guidelines-ap



 Sample schools:

80 schools per district
Replacement of schools should not exceed more than 15% in a district Only one medium for one school is to be considered, which has maximum enrollment in class X.
• Number of students: Minimum of 15, maximum 45 students from each sample school.
• Subject to be assessed: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and One Modern Indian Language.
Marks allotment:

English                                60
Mathematics                       60
Science                               60
Social Studies                     60
Modern Indian Language – 60
• Pattern of Examination: 

Only 45 students of class X will be tested in one school.
Out of 45 students 9 students will be tested for English.
9 students wi II be tested for Mathematics.
9 students will be tested for Science.
9 students will be tested for Social Students
9 students will be tested for Modern Indian Languages





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